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Arkiza*PL is a small, serious Maine Coon Cattery, which is located in Southern Poland in Cracow City near Cracow Balice Airport. We have had Maine Coon cats since 2003 and we participate in FIFe International Cat Shows in several countries like: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Austria, Portugal etc. We love also TICA shows.

Please be so kind to notice that it is important for us, that our kittens are healthy and friendly.
Our offspring we are very proud of, live not only in Poland but also in Norway, Sweden, France, Holland, United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Japan, Mexico, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Russia, Latvia etc.

We are FIFe, TICA and ICF registered cattery.

Healthy, jouful, pretty kittens are our main breeding goal so we participate in veterinary congresses as well:


Arkiza*PL (MCO f 09)
Arkiza*PL (MCO f 09 22)
Arkiza*PL (MCO g 09)
Arkiza*PL (MCO n 22)
Arkiza*PL (MCO f 22)
Meow A Holic's (MCO f 03 22)


GR*MetatronEyes (MCO w 62)
Arkiza*PL (MCO e)
Jurrasic Park*SK (MCO n 22)


we have kittens after Marcepanella & Inteus


MCO f 09

Marcepanella ARKIZA*PL

Planned kittens birth 25.04.2018

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